Posted by: kaising | March 15, 2010

notes on decision tree learning algorithms

Goal of decision tree learning:

Take a set of data entries & the results of a judgement/classification on them
–> be able to classify new data entries

Concept Learning System (CLS)

     Let C be the set of all data entries/example “instances”.
         If they all have evaluation “Yes”, make a Yes node and it is done.
         If they all have evaluation “No”, make a No node and it is done.
         Create a decision node.
         Pick a property X (column of the data entries).
         Partition C into C1, C2, … Cn based on this discretized value/property X.
         recurse on each subset of C.

Quinlan’s ID3 Algorithm

     CLS plus a particular way of (greedily) selecting which feature to branch on.

     It is run on a fixed set of training data, and is not incremental.
     It is expected to be inductive, i.e. forming rules based on a small sample is hoped
     to lead to correctly classifying the entire space of possibilities.
         It may misclassify data.

     Pick the feature that allows for a classification with the highest information gain.
     Specifically, pick the feature that has the lowest entropy, i.e. lowest
     disorganization of the feedback data.

     A measure of entropy is obtained as follows, assuming there are two evaluation
     judgement options [C.R. Dyer]:
         log_2 |S| = expected work to guess an element in a set S, with size |S|.
         if the evaluation options are Y and N, then:

Quinlan’s C4.5 Algorithm

CLS and ID3
ID3 and CS4.5
ID3 plus example
Course notes on machine learning, and decision trees. Also has an algorithm for decision trees.


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