Posted by: kaising | April 17, 2010

algorithm criticisms

1. There are no ‘desires’ like those in Black and White, where the creature is more self-directed by its biological needs.

–> The more I think about it, the less comfortable I feel about implementing biological desires for this game, as I feel my instinctive approach would be too close to code I have seen in industry (under an NDA). For now I would like to rely on what I’ve learned in CIS564 – Game Design, and what I’ve learned via internet research. In the future though, it might be fun to totally rethink the concept and code my own interpretation of biologically motivated organisms.

2. Actions that are mutually exclusive are not explicitly marked as such.

–> I’m not entirely sure if this will become a problem for special cases, or make the AI seem less intelligent than it could if the issue were addressed. I’m going to wait until after testing to address this if needed.

3. Decision trees are probably overkill.

–> Fixed! See overhaul II.

4. General doubts that this can actually generate interesting gameplay.

–> Fixed! See overhaul II.


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