Posted by: kaising | April 21, 2010

goals for the next two weeks

For this independent study, I’m aiming to return the original goal of having a playable prototype, rather than a large-scale facebook game. However, it will still include the added AI component to meet the technological requirement, and actually be accessible to play via Facebook, which had initially only been an if-time-permits goal.

Schedule for the next two weeks:

1. Finish posting cleaned-up notes/research/designs/conclusions to blog.
     04.21.2010 – 04.22.2010

2. Code for play-through demo II.
     04.22.2010 – 05.02.2010 (end of reading days)

3. Prototype art for play-through demo II.
     05.02.2010 – 05.03.2010

4. Have flash game display in Facebook (not necessarily any additional features).
     05.04.2010 – 05.06.2010

5. Address any unforeseen issues that arise.
     05.06.2010 – 05.11.2010 (end of finals)

This project will probably need to be continued into the summer to become a worthwhile prototype, but at least this should give something to build on by the end of the semester.


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